China to Announce Projects in El Salvador

The construction of a stadium and the national library, as well as the development of infrastructure in tourist areas, are some of the projects that would be financed by the Asian giant in El Salvador, as part of its non-reimbursable cooperation programs.

Tuesday, December 3, 2019

As part of the non-refundable assistance, China will support the construction of six projects, including a new National Library, a national stadium and a Surf City project, in order to promote joint development and increase the well-being of both peoples, the Chinese Embassy in El Salvador announced on December 3.

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Nayib Bukele, Salvadoran president, explained that "... the cooperation achieved will be distributed in six projects, among them, the construction of a 'new, modern and high capacity' national stadium, as well as the construction of a new National Library, which will be made of glass, of several floors, which will cover the land of the current National Library and the Mortgage Bank of downtown San Salvador." reviews that "... China's cooperation will be used to finance the system of drinking water distribution and sewage treatment of the surf city beach circuit. In addition, the entire circuit of pedestrian streets, sidewalks, parks, and boardwalks, underground electrical wiring, along the circuit of beaches that make up the Surf City program, will also be funded by this country."

The construction of a drinking water plant, which will convert half of the water dumped from Lake Ilopango into potable water, in an effort to end the shortage of water in the entire Metropolitan Area of San Salvador (AMSS), is another of the projects contemplated.

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As part of the non-reimbursable cooperation programs that China will implement in El Salvador, $85 million was announced for the construction of water treatment plants in Ilopango and La Libertad.

On December 3, the Chinese Embassy in El Salvador reported that within the framework of non-refundable assistance, the Asian nation will support the construction of six projects, including a new National Library, a national stadium and a Surf City project, in order to promote joint development and increase the welfare of both peoples.

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Generating a positive perception of the country, improving the relationship with the U.S. government and taking control of the penal centers are some of the actions highlighted by the business sector of El Salvador, regarding the first 100 days of the Bukele administration.

After the country had been governed for the past three decades by the traditional ARENA and FMLN parties, in early February of this year Nayib Bukele ended that dominance by winning the presidential elections with the promise of a "different policy."

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December 2010

The National Water and Sewerage received 65 bids for water projects in several departments.

The projects aim to improve access to drinking water in Santa Ana, La Paz, Sonsonate, La Union and Usulután. states: "Seven of the 13 projects will be implemented in the west area, including equipment for well at the Procavi plant, introduction of a supply system in Cantarrana and expansion of the pipeline network in Primavera, as well as pipeline improvement in the north sector. All of these jurisdictions are located in Santa Ana."