Changes to Public Procurement Act

Changes to the management of "turnkey" contracts and elimination of abbreviated tenders are part of the changes included in the bill which has already been approved by the Executive in Panama.

Wednesday, February 17, 2016

The bill was sent by the government to the National Assembly, where it will be discussed for approval.

From a statement issued by the Presidency of Panama:

In order to streamline public procurement processes and improve the levels of transparency in the State's procurement system, the Cabinet has approved a package of amendments to Law 22 of June 27, 2006, which regulates public procurements.

This initiative, product of an extensive consultation process with civil society and private enterprises, aims to establish the rules and the basic principles governing mandatory public contracts made by the central government, autonomous and semi-autonomous entities, financial intermediaries and corporations in which the state owns 51% or more of the shares or assets, as well as those that may use public funds and national assets.

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More on this topic

Panama: NO to Companies Condemned in Other Countries

January 2018

A new law initiative pretends to forbid the participation of companies that have been convicted in other countries for crimes against the public administration in contracts with the State.

The bill that was presented on January 23, requests the modification of texts in the legal framework that regulate Panamanian public procurement, to avoid awarding contracts to companies that are accused of acts of corruption in Panama and also abroad. 

Costa Rica: More Agility for Government Purchases

December 2017

In the Legislative Assembly a bill is being discussed that would allow for hiring done by government entities not to require the endorsement of the Comptroller General of the Republic.

Bill 20.202 is an initiative of the General Comptroller of the Republic, which put forward a proposal with the aim of reducing the time and the bureaucracy involved in the review and subsequent endorsement of each contract.

Guatemala: New Rules for Public Procurements Take Effect

October 2016

From October 28th amendments to the Law on Government Procurement, come into effect, including the concept of open contracts and ERAs.

The decree published in Diaro de Central America indicates that   "...The reforms include a total of 25 items. The first of these states that in the process of acquisitions made with resources from external loans originating from public credit operations or donations to the State, its agencies, institutions or municipal councils, policies and established procedures will apply to financial agencies or donors, considering these provisions as a special rule."

Panama: Vetoes of Procurement Law

June 2016

President Varela signaled the need to include medicine purchases in the law, among other objections, and did not make mention of the debarment of companies with foreign convictions for corruption.

The main objection put forward by various social groups to the new law on state procurement is that it does not establish the exclusion of businesses convicted abroad for corruption from being state providers, and these groups have asked President Varela to veto the law for that reason .The president vetoed 8 articles of the law, but did not say anything in his observations about that particular topic.