Changes to Agricultural Insurance Law

The Panamanian Agricultural Insurance Institute will present a draft bill that aims to incorporate incentives for agricultural production.

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Among the reforms included is the creation of a reserve fund for contingencies and catastrophic events (Ferec) and giving greater powers to the Managing Agricultural Insurance Institute (ISA in Spanish).

Administered by the ISA, the fund will pay compensation in the event of natural disasters up to the amount of $50,000 without prior review by the Controller's Office.

"In the draft, to be submitted to the Agricultural Affairs Committee of the National Assembly, the ISA is excluded from the reinsurance contract, claiming that this figure" does not offer competitive advantages to extraordinary losses and failing that, the State will provide backup.

Regarding the capital and resources required for the operation of the entity, a payment of 1% of the amount of quotas negotiated by the National Stock Products is included", reported

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Nicaragua: $116 Million for Agriculture

November 2020

With a line of credit from CABEI, the Nicaraguan government will finance projects focused on the transformation of extensive cattle raising, agriculture and wood exploitation.

The Board of Directors approved the financing proposal for the Bio-CLIMA Project: integrated climate action to reduce deforestation and strengthen resilience in BOSAWÁS and the Rio San Juan biosphere in Nicaragua, for a total amount of $115.7 million, reported the Central American Bank for Economic Integration (CABEI).

Agriculture in Nicaragua: $50 million Less Due to Drought

October 2015

The union of producers has predicted a decline of 20% in the export of sugar cane, as about 1 million less hundredweights will be produced.

The Union of Agricultural Producers in Nicaragua (UPANIC) has estimated that revenue will be $50 million less due to the effects of drought on agricultural production.

Guatemala: Rural Development Act Finds No Consensus

November 2012

The initiative includes the creation of a ministry to unite the policies, programs and projects on the development of agriculture which have become stalled in Congress.

"The leaders of the faction held a meeting prior to the start of the plenary session, without reaching a consensus to include the initiative on the agenda, however, it may be brought forward by a privileged motion", reports

Costa Rica Condones Agriculture Debts

August 2009

Congress approved a project to condone $13.65 million in debt by small producers.

This law waives any debt held with the late Agricultural Trust (Fidagro), and the Productive Reconversion Fund.

Journalist Irene Vizcaíno writes in "Both trusts were absorbed by the Development Banking System, instituted in April 2008".