Challenges of Seasonal Sales

Maintaining proper inventories to meet demand, having a robust logistics system and an electronic sales channel that protects your customers when they make a purchase, are part of the challenges that businesses face in this new reality.

Wednesday, November 11, 2020

With "Black Friday" and Christmas approaching, commercial establishments in the region are beginning to apply their sales and promotion strategies, with which they will try to recover part of their income.

This year's seasonal sales will be atypical, since in the current commercial reality that emerged in an accelerated manner due to the covid-19 outbreak, consumption habits have changed.

Online shopping is a format that has taken on importance in this context of social distancing. The rise of this sales channel generated challenges, such as the implementation of logistics systems, in which the distances from residences and delivery times must be considered.

The computer security at the time of making a sale online, is another challenge that companies must face.

Mercedes Sancho Rubi, ECIJA Legal's partner in charge of the Consumer Law area, told that "... e-commerce can present security risks and this forces stores to make a preventive protection of the devices used by their customers for the purchase."

Sancho added that "... the use of firewalls and antivirus in their most updated versions, as well as verifying that stores keep their security measures up to date, are essential."

In recent months, the number of consumers exploring options for seasonal purchases online has been on the rise. Research by CentralAmericaData indicates that between July and October 2020, the number of people in El Salvador who expressed interest in making an online purchase due to "Black Friday" increased by 27%, in Costa Rica a 16% increase was reported, in Guatemala it increased by 15%, in Panama by 11% and in Honduras by 7%.

In the case of Christmas sales, between July and October in El Salvador there was a 41% variation in the number of consumers who showed their interest in buying online some article associated with this season. In Panama the increase was 25%, in Costa Rica 23%, in Honduras 22% and in Guatemala 19%.

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