Challenges for the Packaging Industry

Since consumers are less willing to buy products whose packaging is harmful to the environment, the packaging industry must begin to incorporate these trend changes in the development of its packaging design.

Thursday, April 4, 2019

The increase in the diffusion of ideas proposing sustainability in the production and commercialization of goods opens a space for companies to implement strategies based on the preference for the consumption of "eco-friendly" products.

Helen Arce, a Costa Rican industrial engineer and consultant for the development of new products told that "... the region in recent years has been decorated with its natural resources, and now countries have a moral burden to expose products with added value. Previously the main thing was that the articles had a beautiful appearance or aesthetics. You can't continue with this now, there are other additional elements in the design that have to do with green elements, and this can be an abrupt change'."

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For Arce, companies must think that the environment is a customer, which must be essential when developing the design of their packaging. One factor that can contribute to the cause is that Central America is willing to create new packaging ideas helped with local governance.

Beatriz Rojas, commercial manager of the packaging machine Cajas El Universo, said that "... customers are looking for this green, useful concept that is recognized by international certifications. It is necessary to use raw material that respects the environment in order to attract customers who want to differentiate themselves with a green added value, which is no longer just a trend, but a necessity."

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