Central American securities markets seek to integrate

The securities markets of El Salvador, Panama, and Costa Rica have signed a letter of intent to advance the process of creating the Alliance of Central American Markets (Alianza de Mercados Centroamericanos, AMERCA).

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

"The vision is to lower transaction costs for the issuer and the investor and to be a communication channel, where they can invest in the three markets at the same time," said Rolando Duarte, president of the El Salvador Securities Exchange.
The integration process began in 2002, when the presidents of the three nations signed bi-lateral agreements.

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Panama: Stock Market Growing Strongly

July 2011

The volume traded in the first half grew by 51% compared to the same period in 2010.

Registration of new shares, government involvement and a rise in the price of most of the registered shares has characterized the Panamanian stock market so far this year.

The primary market was the one that recorded the largest movement, led by the government, whose program of Treasury bills and notes resulted in a trading volume of more than $550 million.

Bolsa de Valores de El Salvador

November 2008

El Salvador Stock Exchange Profile

Phone (503) 221-5487
Fax (503) 221-5462

Edificio BVES, Jardines de la Hacienda, Boulevard Merliot, Avenida Las Américas, No. 14A.
San Salvador, El Salvador


Bolsa Nacional de Valores Costa Rica

November 2008

Costa Rica's Stock Exchange Profile

Phone(+506) 2204-4848
Fax (506) 2204-4749

Parque Empresarial FORUM (Autopista Próspero Fernández)
Santa Ana, Costa Rica


Two new companies to join Panama Stock Exchange

August 2008

Multibank, a private bank with Panamanian capital, and the Sociedad Inversion Inmobiliaria Balboa, which belongs to the Costa Rica Group Financiero Improsa, plan to join the stock exchange.

Executive vice-president of Multibank, Isaac Btesh, said that the registration and approval of common stocks from the bank are awaiting the OK from the National Stock Commission.