Central American Truckers Threaten Strike

The main freight union of Central America has issued an ultimatum to the government of El Salvador to modify the collection of the new tax levied at customs offices.

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Representatives of these unions which integrate the Central American Council of Transport have given a deadline of May 31 to amend this charge, otherwise on that date, if Congress has not amended the law which created the new tax, the truckers will go on strike for an undefined period causing heavy losses to Central American companies.

They might even go on strike next Thursday if the deputy Lorena Peña does not receive the union. "Tomorrow morning (today) is the time limit to see if they will make an effort. If there is not a discussion about it, we're going to strike on Thursday," said Raul Alfaro, president of the Salvadoran Association of International Freight Carriers (ASTIC).

"If they say that there is willingness to resolve this, we will give them two plenary sessions (two weeks) to change this law," said Alfaro. "I think two weeks is enough to analyze the issue and change the law. It is not more than one line," he added.

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Strike By Truckers Continues at Salvadoran Borders

January 2014

Only cargo destined for El Salvador should be charged with the $18 fee for the inspection with scanner, request freight carriers.

According to the Secretariat for Central American Economic Integration (SIECA), this fee violates conventions and trade agreements in the region. In addition, they believe that the inspections and the time it takes to submit all shipments to the procedures are excessive.

Regional Freight Strike Suspended

July 2013

After the Salvadoran Supreme Court suspended the Fonat law, carriers decided to resume their work.

"There is no longer a reason for the strike," said Raul Alfaro, president of the Association of International Cargo Transporters (ASTIC).

"The Chamber accepted a constitutional challenge submitted by the ASTIC against the collection of accident insurance, namely the Fund for Victims of Traffic Accidents (Fonat), from which the Legislature excluded foreign transporters, but not Salvadorans," noted an article in Elsalvador.com.

El Salvador: Border Tax Repeal Announced

June 2013

The regional freight sector has agreed to purchase insurance to protect accident victims.

Prensalibre.com.gt reports that "The government of El Salvador and cargo transport unions in Central America, agreed yesterday in "supporting" a legal reform which alleviates them from the payment of a tax on those who already pay insurance to cover against any accidents, an official said. "

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January 2012

Mexico and Guatemala have agreed a policy whereby trucks entering the Guatemalan border zone pay $970, a charge that the union considers "harmful" and that is not reciprocal.

The International Transporters' Association (ITA) will challenge the agreement which regulates transportation of cargo and passengers across the border, considering it "harmful to the interests of the country (Guatemala)", reported the newspaper Prensa Libre on its website.