Central American Governments: All More or Less Corrupt

No Central American country comes to "green" in the Corruption Index 2010, representing serious problems for businesses.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Costa Rica is the best positioned country in the Central American Index 2010 Corruption Perceptions Index, reports produced by Transparency International. With an index of 5.3, Costa Rica is ranked 41 in a list of 176 countries, led by Denmark and New Zealand as nations where there is less corruption in government, and Myanmar and Somalia at the end of the list as most corrupt.

El Salvador and Panama, with 3.6 rating is positioned at 73, while Guatemala´s 3.2 is ranked 91, Nicaragua with 2.5 is ranked 127 and Honduras is ranked 134 with 2.4.

Transparency International defines corruption as the abuse of power used for personal gain. This definition encompasses corrupt practices in both the public and private sectors. The Corruption Perceptions Index ranks countries according to perceived corruption in the public sector.

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January 2016

The public sector felt to be the most corrupt is Nicaragua (27 on a transparency scale 0-100), followed by Guatemala (28), Honduras (31), Panama (39), El Salvador (39) and Costa Rica (55).

In its annual report "Corruption Perception Index 2015" Transparency International signals out Guatemala in a list of countries where "...

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The corruption of government officials and its negative influence on the competitiveness of economies will not stop as long as there rulers who celebrate being "a bit corrupt."


The 2013 Corruption Perception Index by Transparency International has reconfirmed that all of the Central American countries are seriously "sick with corruption."

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December 2013

The majority of Central American nations are perceived as being the most corrupt in Latin America.

The Index of Corruption Perception created by Transparency International, ranks Honduras, Guatemala and Nicaragua in the list of countries perceived as the most corrupt.

Honduras is ranked at number 140, while Nicaragua and Guatemala are located in positions 127 and 123, respectively.

The 2009 Corruption Perceptions Index

November 2009

Costa Rica shows an index of 5.3, followed by El Salvador, Guatemala and Panama with 3.4, Honduras y Nicaragua with 2.5.

The CPI measures the perceived levels of public sector corruption in a given country and is a composite index, drawing on 13 different expert and business surveys. The 2009 edition scores 180 countries, the same number as the 2008 CPI.