Central American Forum on Sustainable Construction

Businesses and professionals will meet on May 20-21 in Costa Rica to discuss issues related to design, architecture and sustainable building.

Monday, May 5, 2014

From a statement issued by the Green Building Council of Costa Rica:

Promoting sustainable design and construction in the professional, business and institutional community is the primary objective of the Central II Regional Forum Sustainable Design and Construction of the Central American and Caribbean Alliance for Sustainable Development (ACCADES) to be held in Costa Rica on the 20th and 21st of May at the Park Inn Hotel in San Jose.

This forum is being organized by the Green Building Council of Costa Rica (GBC-CR) with the support of the Embassy of Canada. ACCADES is made up of the Boards of Panama, Guatemala, Costa Rica and El Salvador. Honduras is expected to join ACCADES this time and both Nicaragua and Caribbean countries will also have a presence in the process. Partnerships and agreements at national and international level will be signed.

The GBC-CR will make its agreement with the World Bank (IFC) official and it is expected that ACCADES will consolidate its agreement with the Association for the Evaluation of Life Cycle in Latin America. During the two-day forum, participants will be able to take part in conferences and briefings on evaluation systems LEED (Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design), LBC (Living Building Challenge), RESET (Requirements for Sustainable Buildings in the Tropics) and EDGE (Excellence Design for Greater Efficiencies in) as well as training workshops, technical talks and opportunities for exchanging experiences with those present.

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