Central America and South Korea Analyze FTA

Both countries have finalized a feasibility study as part of the analysis of a possible free trade agreement (FTA).

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

The announcement came from Salvadoran Economy Minister, Héctor Dada Hirezi, who added that by June they hope to have finished analyzing the study results.

"South Korea will officially notify its interest in continuing by providing an agenda for future negotiations," commented the minister to ACAN-EFE.

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Guatemala Negotiates FTA with Korea Bilaterally

November 2016

Bilateral negotiations will continue in order to reach an agreement on an "appropriate balance of commercial interests" for both countries.

From a statement issued by Mineco:

Guatemala, November 16, 2016. Guatemala will continue the process of FTA negotiations with South Korea bilaterally.

1st Round of Central America - South Korea FTA Concludes

September 2015

In the first round held in South Korea modalities and staging categories for trade were defined.

In Seoul, Korea, the First Round of Negotiations of the Free Trade Agreement between Central America and -TLC- South Korea was held.

After signing the general framework of negotiations last July, the Central American Work teams met from 21 to 25 September, with their counterparts from the Ministry of Trade, Economy and Energy of South Korea.

South Korea Seeks FTA with Central American Countries

June 2012

The government of the Asian power has an interest in negotiating a free trade agreement with the entire region seen as one market.

In the near future, a matter of months, South Korea wants to begin negotiating a free trade agreement with Central American countries, said the South Korean ambassador in Nicaragua, Soon Tae Kim.

TLC Central America - South Korea by 2012

October 2011

Central America plans to start negotiations for an FTA with South Korea next year.

The announcement was made by the Salvadoran Vice Chancellor for Developmental Cooperation, Jaime Miranda at the end of the 10th Forum of Dialogue and Cooperation between the two countries.