Central America Splits EU Beef Quota in Equal Parts

Central America’s beef industry has distributed the quota of meat that can be sent tariff-free to the European Union equally among all countries.

Monday, July 5, 2010

The Central American Federation of the Beef Industry, meeting in Guatemala, established that each country will be allowed to ship 1,583 tons per year.

El Salvador and Guatemala do not have a large meat industry, and as such they will have to prove they are able to handle the quota. If they don’t, their share could go to Costa Rica, reported Nacion.com.

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Equal Meat Quotas for Exports to EU

August 2010

Though this will depend on compliance with European standards for the entry of meat into the EU block.

As the agreement comes into force, any part of a quota not used due to incompliance with EU requirements will automatically be reassigned to another country.

"The Central American Beef Industry Federation reached this consensus on 9 June in Honduras, according to a letter sent by the organization to Costa Rica's Commerce Minister, Anabel González," reports El Financiero on its web portal.

Cattle Ranchers Agree on EU Quotas

July 2010

Central American businessmen agreed to adjudicate the meat quota assigned by the European Union to the country that first complies with the required food safety and traceability requirements.

The region had to decide how to distribute a quota of 9.500 yearly tons of meat that can be shipped to Europe without paying tariffs.

Dispute over EU Meat Quota Allocation

July 2010

The proposal to divide up the 9,500 ton EU allocation equally is rejected by Nicaragua.

Onel Pérez, president of CANICARNE (Nicaraguan association of beef producers), commented that 70% of meat exported from Central America comes from Nicaragua.

Pérez and Ronald Blandón, director of Nicaraguan cattle farming association, CONAGAN, will travel to Honduras to discuss the distribution of the quota with other Central American businessmen.

Central America To Request EU Quota of 30.000 Tons of Meat

April 2010

Breeders from Central America agreed to request the European Union an annual quota of 30.000 tons, as part of the Association Agreement being negotiated between both blocks.

Aldo Mazzero, president of the Cental American Beef Federation, explained that this topic will be negotiated in the upcoming round, to take place in Belgium between April 19 and 27.