Integral Logistics in Panama

So far 95% of the logistical movement in Panama is by sea, making it necessary to integrate land and aerial means in order to consolidate the country as a global hub.

Thursday, March 15, 2012

The Panama Canal is the largest global hub of shipping routes, which naturally positions the country as a logistics hub.

The current challenge is to harness the opportunities Panama has to become a comprehensive global logistics hub, also consolidating air and land logistics, so as to make the country "more than a canal."

"The growth rates in maritime movement in the national economy are the best that have been seen for many years, and that brings us to idea that we must go further and seek to integrate all that encompasses logistics," said the Senior Vice President of the Chamber of Shipping in Panama, Guillermo Marquez.

Among the many global companies that have come to Panama to contribute to this integrated logistics, the Brazilian company Galores stands out in the storage and refrigerated warehouses sector.

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Logistics Development: What Investment is Needed?

February 2021

Investment in the construction of new ports is essential for a country like Panama, whose economy depends heavily on the logistics sector, to continue to compete globally in the coming years.

Since nearly one third of Panama's Gross Domestic Product is created by the logistics sector, the development of this productive activity is of great importance for the country.

Cargo Movement and the Future of Business

July 2019

Building specialized docks for the auxiliary marine industry and increasing the capacity to deliver quickly by air are some of the challenges that Panama will face in the coming years.

The Panamanian economy depends heavily on the logistics sector, but currently faces new challenges because of the increasing competition from other regional players who offer better costs in managing cargo on a large scale.

Logistics Forum on Panamanian Maritime Chamber

March 2012

"What we are going to do in Panama in order to attract more than a thousand logistics companies for cargo transfer in the next 10 years"

The Panamanian Maritime Chamber has officially launched the Logistics Forum " What we are going to do in Panama in order to attract more than a thousand logistics companies for cargo transfer in the next 10 years", in order to find out what advantages and disadvantages Panama has to become a logistics hub for the Americas' largest transhipment of cargo .

Panama as a Global Multimodal Cargo Hub

February 2012

Panama's advantages in combining sea, air and rail transport will be featured at the XVI International Maritime Conference and Exposition.

Businessman Eduardo Segura emphasized that Panama’s advantage in business regarding logistics lies in its capabilities as a multimodal center, where railway, ports, air and sea freight used simultaneously are the country’s greatest strength, which must be further advanced.