Cargo Transport Paralyzed in Nicaragua

Due to the protests that continue to affect the country, the transporters union has made the decision to remove all of its units from circulation on the streets as of this week.

Thursday, May 17, 2018

From the beginning of this week the Association of Nicaraguan Transporters (ATN), which brings together around 17,500 truckheads and 50,000 trucks of between 4.6 and 8 tons, reported that due to the crisis it is impossible to transit through the country. 

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The president of the ATN, Marvin Altamirano, explained last Tuesday to that "...'We have been left stranded by the different protests that are going on in each place (in Nicaragua). What we are asking is for talks to start as soon as possible. We have now seen almost a month (of demonstrations) and we have not been able to work freely, and today we are completely paralysed'."

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Altamirano added that " ...'This affects everyone. We are on strike now, if you want to call it that. Not because the sector has decided to go on strike, but because the traffic jams that exist in each city no longer let us get through and we are forced to stop work."

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July 2019

In Nicaragua, the guild of transporters reports that in the customs of the country is reviewed 40% of cargo trucks, a situation causing delays because the international standard is to inspect a maximum of 10% of units.

Managers of the Association of Nicaraguan Transporters (ATN) reported that since the beginning of the political and social crisis in the country in April 2018, the time for a truck to enter Nicaraguan borders has increased and carriers can spend up to a day.

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For the representatives of the Nicaraguan Association of Transporters, local fuel prices have also affected them, as their operations have become more expensive compared to other countries in the region.

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Because of the social and political crisis, businessmen working in the freight transport sector in Nicaragua estimate that by the end of this year their operations will have been down by up to 25%.

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