Cargo Movement in Ports Up 10%

In 2013 the movement of cargo by sea and air increased by 10% and 8% respectively compared to the previous year.

Thursday, June 12, 2014

From a press release issued by the National Port Commission of Guatemala (CPN):

Cargo volume increases in 2013

Despite the fact that earnings from foreign trade -imports and exports- stalled in 2013, the physical volume of trade increased, according to results from the movement of air and ocean freight.

Statistics from the Committee on Imports and Exports (Combex Im) indicate that in 2013 the value of goods transported was 61,429,000 kilograms representing an increase of 6.5% compared with 2012, when 57,666,000 kilograms were mobilized .

The data reveals that total exports amounted to 34,270,000 kilograms, equivalent to an increase of 7.6% compared to 2012, when exports were 31,746,000 kilos, ie, an increase of 2,524,000 kilos.

On the side of imports, 27,158,000 kilos were transported, equivalent to an increase of 4.7%, ie 1,238,000 kilos. In 2012, 25,920,000 kilos were shipped.

According to Edvin Merlos Daniel, manager of the company Cargo Solutions, the increased volume by air is partly explained by the dynamics of e-commerce in the country.

"A change is being seen in the buying habits of domestic consumers, who are now acquire more goods through the internet abroad, especially in the USA." he said.

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Guatemala 2014: Port Cargo Up 17%

February 2015

The ports handled 3.5 million metric tonnes more than in 2013, due to an increase of 213% in the cargos of lead, nickel, zinc, iron and other minerals.

In 2014, the movement of cargo from the port of Quetzal recorded a growth rate of 11%, Las Boyas de San José, 24%, Puerto Barrios terminal reported no change and the Port of Santo Tomas de Castilla had the strongest growth, of 36%.

Guatemala: Air and Ocean Freight Grows

February 2014

During 2013 the aviation and maritime transport of goods increased by 6.5 % compared to the previous year.

Last year the amount of goods transported air was 61,429,000 kilograms, representing an increase of 6.5% compared with 2012, when 57,066,000 kilograms was moved, according to statistics from the Committee on Imports and Exports (Combex Im).

Guatemala: Further Growth in Air Cargo

July 2011

Between January and June, air cargo increased by 11% compared to the same period in 2010.

In the first half of the year a total of 29.9 million kilos was transported, 3.1 million kilos more than the 26.8 million in 2010.

An article in reports, "According to the Committee on Imports and Exports (CombexIm) when analysed by activities, air mail increased from 1.4 million kilos 2010 to 1.7 million in 2011, ie, 19.8 percent higher. In the case of general cargo, the increase was 1.5 million kilos, or 10 percent, up from 11.9 million kilos reported last year to 13.2 million this June. "

Guatemala: Air Cargo Up 12% in 2010

January 2011

By the end of 2010, imports, exports and package shipments increased 12% compared to 2009.

According to statistics given by the Committee on Import and Export (Combex Im), total imports were 28.3 million kilos in courier and general cargo and in the case of exports 28.6 million kilos were transported.