Cargill Plans More Investment in Costa Rica

The food producer plans to invest $30 million in the construction of a distribution center in Alajuela and $20 million on technology and computer systems.

Monday, February 27, 2017

The multinational and owner in Costa Rica of Cinta Azul and Pipasa Corporation, plans to start construction of distribution center in San Rafael de Alajuela in 2018, after finishing with the design process, procedures and permits this year. 

Xavier Vargas, president for Central America, told that at the moment they have a number of plants in different parts of the country and the goal is to improve logistics with the new distribution center. The planned investment is $30 million.

Regarding investment in technology, Vargas explained that "... $20 million will be invested in technology in the computer field, where we are implementing a new system, called ORP, to manage the entire company. This will transform the business, allowing us to have more visibility, it will enable us to have everything digitized making it possible to make better decisions, giving us better control of all of our processes."

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Nicaragua: Poultry Plant Starts Operations

December 2015

Cargill has inaugurated a new cold storage and distribution plant southeast of Managua, with capacity to store up to 8 million pounds of chicken meat.

In addition to the new plant, in which $50 million were kkinvested, Cargill announced plans to invest $100 million over the next three years in three new projects, including a plant for shrimp food, in which it plans to invest $12 million.

Nestlé: $20 million in Distribution Center in Panama

April 2014

The new distribution center has 40% more capacity with 50% more loading and unloading docks and also houses a call center for Nestlé Professional.

From a statement issued by Nestle Central:

-The new facility has 40% more storage capacity and 50% more docks for loading and delivery, allowing for an improved flow of products internally.

Turmoil in Costa Rica’s Poultry Sector

December 2012

Pollo Rey invested $20 million in moving its processing plants while Cargill is spending $25 million in a new distribution center.

The poultry division of Corporación Multiinversiones (Dipcmi), maker of Pollo Rey, moved its processing plant from San Carlos to its central headquarters in Coyol de Alajuela.

Tical Invests in Costa Rican Distribution Centers

June 2009

With an investment of $11.5 million, the new distribution center would be ready in El Coyol, Alajuela, in August.

The new center will employ 50 people and according to Rolando Lamb, general manager of the group, it will have 10 thousand square meters for the bonded warehouse and an equal area for the entry and exit of trucks.