Backwards Step for 670 MW Gas Plant

The National Public Services Authority has canceled the license it had granted to the Panama NG Power to build and operate a thermoelectric generation plant in Colón, Panama.

Wednesday, December 20, 2017

Ending a process that lasted more than seven years, the National Public Services Authority has permanently canceled the license that had granted to Panama NG Power S.A. to build a thermoelectric plant with an installed capacity of 670 MW.

Read the history of this process here, starting from 2011 when a provisional license was granted to Panama NG Power S.A., for the first time, through the call for tenders to generate energy based on natural gas in 2013 and the difficulties the company experienced in complying with the deadlines required by the ASEP during the process.

From the resolution given by the ASEP on December 6, 2017:


FIRST: DECLARE that the company PANAMA NG POWER, S.A., did not comply with the provisions of Resolution Three of Resolution AN No.10381-Elec of August 31, 2016, by which Resolution Two of Resolution AN No.7333 was modified -Elec of May 6, 2014, modified by Resolution AN No. 7369-Elec of May 21, 2014, regarding the presentation of the Financial Closing for the construction and operation of the thermal generation with natural gas project, to generate electricity, called TELFERS, on October 13, 2017.

See full resolution by the ASEP. (In Spanish)

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More on this topic

Barriers to 670 MW Gas Plant

May 2019

According to the Panama Canal Authority, NG Power only has permission to build a 130 MW plant, so it will have to go through a new procedure if it expects to develop the 670 MW plant, as planned from the beginning.

The permit requested by Panama NG Power and approved by the Canal Board in 2011, is for two generators of up to 45 MW each and a third steam generator of up to 40 MW, which together total 130 MW.

Uncertain Future for $900 million Project

June 2018

Panamanian authorities have declared the deadline passed for Panama NG Power to present evidence of economic backing for the construction of the 670 MW natural gas plant.

Last December a judicial ruling was issued by means of which Panama NG Power was granted 150 days to demonstrate that it has the economic capacity to develop the project. According to the company's interpretation, this time period began on March 8, 2018.  

New Opportunity for $900 million Gas Plant

January 2018

One month after its license was canceled, a judicial ruling has reactivated the project to construct and operate a 670 MW natural gas plant, under the responsibility of NG Power.

With the ruling from the Supreme Court of Justice, the cancellation of the license to build the 670 MW thermoelectric plant, announced in December 2017 by the National Public Services Authority, is now null and void.

License Revoked for 670 MW Gas Plant

December 2014

The National Public Services Authority has revoked the final license granted to Panama NG Power for the construction and operation of a power plant in the province of Colón.

From the order given by the National Authority for Public Services in Panama (ASEP):

It is resolved: