Call for Tender: $3 million Computer System

In Panama a tender is being launched for a computer system for road controls based on photo-fines at the main intersections in Panama City.

Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Panama Government Purchase 2017-1-03-0-08-LV-005326: 

"Implementation of electronic means to improve road safety, management and control of urban mobility at the main intersections in Panama City. 

The design, acquisition of the necessary hardware and software will be contracted, as well as the implementation, commissioning, accompaniment to the operation and maintenance of an electronic media system for the improvement of road safety, the management and control of urban mobility based on photo-fines at major intersections, and speed control radar systems located in the North and South Corridors of Panama City."

Reference value:  $2.995.000. 

The deadline for receipt of bids is 26 September 2017.

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$39 Million in Transit Management System

June 2019

Costa Rica's Road Safety Council tenders an intelligent transportation system for transit technology management, with a reference value of $39 million.

Costa Rica Government Purchase 2019LI-000001-0058700001:

"The purpose of this tender is to contract a physical or legal company, a consortium that provides a turnkey solution of an intelligent transport system for a technological management of a safe and efficient mobility, providing electronic security, prevention and law enforcement, which combines different technological components such as: monitoring through security cameras with control radars, monitoring cameras with analytical software, information screens, information radars, media, operation, calibration of systems, maintenance, among others. All of the above, with the purpose of managing different road safety problems, with the purpose of reducing traffic accidents and deaths on the road and at the same time contribute to the reduction of vehicle flow. It will be developed in the Central Canton of San Jose and surrounding cantons, namely:

Panama: Traffic Surveillance Contract Dispute

December 2012

Car rental agencies in Panama have described the contract signed by the government with the company Traffic Safety as harmful to the state and the private sector.

Traffic Safety in Panama operates traffic surveillance cameras in Panama City.

In the lawsuit filed before the Supreme Court of Justice, the union which represents vehicle leasing companies argues that the contract is "onerous" and "harmful" for both the state and individuals, and specially for those renting cars.

Traffic Chaos in Panama City

November 2012

A public-private interagency committee has failed to agree on the measures to be taken for at least alleviating a problem that costs $25 million a month.

Industrialists oppose the idea of restricting the movement of goods via delivery vehicles to night time hours, on the ground that no Customs offices are open in the evenings, and rising costs which would have to be passed on to consumers.

Heavy Hand of the Mayor of Panama City

July 2012

So far this year 150 constructions have been suspended for violating local regulations.

An article in reports on the auditing activities of the Municipality of Panama: "So far this year, the Mayor of Panama has suspended 150 constructions that do not meet established standards and have attended to about 400 complaints regarding works that do not meet the rules", said the mayor Roxana Mendez.