Call for Expressions of Interest: Study on Public Transport

The Latin American Development Bank is calling for expressions of interest to carry out a feasibility study on the public transport system in the center of Panama City.

Wednesday, November 22, 2017

Public Purchase LAIF 202061471:

"The services which are the object of this invitation consist of carrying out the activities that are necessary to develop a Feasibility Study on the Public Transportation System of Panama City Center, which must contain, as a minimum, the following: proposal of a collective public transport system consisting of a tram as a structuring element and buses (or other modes) that feed and complement the former, for the city center.

The proposed system should look at:
i) improving connectivity in the Center with the current and future transportation network of Panama.
ii) integrating Casco Antiguo with the north, northeast, south and west of the Metropolitan Area of Panama. 
iii) implementing a collective public passenger transport service to provide transport within the Study Area."

The deadline for receipt of bids is 15 December 2017.

See Tender.

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More on this topic

Subway: Tender for Feasibility Study

April 2019

The National Agency of Alliances for the Development of Economic Infrastructure tenders the pre-feasibility study of the Underground Metro of Guatemala City.

Guatemala Government Purchase 10262253:

"The general purpose of the consultancy is to analyze the feasibility of implementing an Integrated Mass Public Transport System for the East-West Axis of the Metropolitan Area of Guatemala City, at the pre-feasibility level, which articulates in an integral way, with the current and future mobility dynamics, the existing and planned transport offer in the coming years, as well as with the projected urban development plans and that allows institutional decisions regarding the project to be made.

Another Attempt to Build a Metro

November 2018

In Guatemala, it is proposed to develop an underground metro that would connect in its initial phase the municipality of Mixco with Zone 15 of the capital and would require a $700 million investment.

The new project proposed is in addition to the several proposals and attempts that have been made to implement a mass transportation system in the metropolitan area of Guatemala, which resolves at once the serious problem of road congestion affecting the capital. Thus, in addition to the Metro Riel project and the urban cable cars between Mixco, Villa Nueva and the capital, a new initiative has now been added to build an underground train.

Panama Metro Master Plan Awarded

April 2017

The consortium made up of two Japanese companies and one French company will develop the pre-feasibility study for the new metro master network, with emphasis on lines 4 and 5.

The consortium, called Nippon Koei Lac-Sytra, is made up of the Japanese companies Nippon Koei Co. Ltd and Nippon Koei LAC Inc, and the French company Sytra. 

International Tender: Master Plan for Panama Metro

February 2017

A call has been made for expressions of interest to develop a pre-feasibility study for a new network master plan for the Panama Metro system, with emphasis on lines 4 and 5.

From the announcement made by the Panama Metro Secretariat:

The general objective of the consulting services for a pre feasibility study for a New Network Master Plan for the Panama Metro System is to undertake pre feasibility analysis of the New Network Mater Plan for the Panama Metro, with emphasis on lines 4 and 5, starting from demand estimates developed under the TRANUS system, updating the MPSA database in terms of the physical, socioeconomic and urban development variables of the various corridors that make up the network.