CACIF Asks President of Guatemala to Resign

The Coordinating Committee of Agricultural, Commercial, Industrial and Financial Associations is asking him to leave office and be accountable, preventing unnecessary institutional expense for the country.

Friday, August 28, 2015

From a statement issued by the CACIF:

The undersigned organizations, members GUATEMALA FORUM, wish to express to Otto Perez Molina :

4. Guatemalan society has expressed peacefully and orderly its demands for your resignation as President of the Republic. So have various social bodies. As the person constitutionally responsible for national unity, recognize that this united nation is today asking for your retirement from office.

4. Strength of character is not measured by obstinacy, but by facing with courage important decisions which must be taken. In this case, we ask that you measure the strength of your character by assuming the historical responsibility of leaving office and being accountable to the nation, thereby avoiding unnecessary institutional expense for our country.

4. The current situation requires you to question whether or not to stay in office under these conditions, this is consistent with your sworn promises, we call on you, we beg you not to think only about the present but also the future, in which generations to come, and even your own grandchildren, will question your actions.

Guatemala, August 28, 2015

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Guatemala´s Economic Stability Emphasized

October 2015

The political crisis does not seem to have affected the economy, where the risk noted is related to the imbalance in government accounts, which has reached 25% of GDP.

A report by the Association for Research and Social Studies of Guatemala (ASIES) concludes that "... despite the crisis in the public sector due to corruption that led to the arrest of the former vice president Roxana Baldetti, and to the resignation of former President Otto Perez Molina to face justice, Guatemala's economic growth may not be affected, in part because of the behavior of remittances, and the sustainability over time of the macroeconomy, among other things. "

New President in Guatemala

September 2015

With the resignation of Pérez Molina and Alejandro Maldonado sworn in as president, the institutional crisis should moderate in its intensity.

From a statement by AmCham Guatemala:

After several months of political uncertainty in Guatemala it has been demonstrated that nobody is above the law and that the country's institutions are able to perform their job.

Congress lifts Perez Molina's Immunity

August 2015

With 132 votes in favor, the Congress decided to remove the president's immunity, who will have to face the accusations of corruption.

While the president insists on staying in office, the commission appointed to examine the arguments in President Perez Molina's defense and evidence presented by the prosecution decided unanimously to recommend to Congress to waive his immunity so that he faces judgement.

Guatemala: Finance Minister Resigns

March 2012

Pavel Centeno resigned by leaving a questioning session in Congress, ongoing since February 16th.

The Minister told reporters at the exit of the Legislative Palace "a minister can not be challenged within 15 days of assuming office. It is a waste of time and I came here to perform technical work, not political. This congress doesn’t make any sense. "