Businessmen Attacked in Nicaragua

After motorized paramilitaries attacked a group of businessmen with firearms on September 7, the productive sector asks the government to clarify the facts "in an objective and truthful manner.”

Monday, September 9, 2019

The violent aggression was directed at the Cosep delegation and the Civic Alliance, made up of José Adán Aguerri, Michael Healy and Álvaro Vargas, who accompanied journalists Jaime Arellano and Aníbal Toruño on a visit to the city of León, reported the Superior Council of Private Enterprise (Cosep).

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The business guild reported that the attack, which endangered the lives of those mentioned, was perpetrated by motorized paramilitaries who hurled themselves at the vehicles when they were stopped by a police checkpoint, taking advantage of the moment to throw stones and at least one shot, while the police officers merely watched without doing anything to stop the aggression.

The statement that was issued on September 7 adds that "... Because of the foregoing, we express our total solidarity with the members of COSEP and the Civic Alliance and especially with the journalists who have just returned from exile; we demand that the corresponding authorities investigate and clarify as soon as possible the incident and apply the sanctions established by law in our country.

We urge the resumption of dialogue with all national sectors to find a peaceful and national solution that facilitates social stability in the country

Several unions in the region have condemned the attack on businessmen, such as the Federation of Private Entities of Central America, Panama and the Dominican Republic (Fedepricap), which demanded that local authorities "respect human rights, democracy and peace."

This attack is reported in the context of a deep political and economic crisis that began in April last year, which has caused a sharp downturn in the Nicaraguan economy.

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