Business Roundtable El Salvador - Guatemala

On November 4th Salvadoran businesses from the food, textile and services sectors will be visiting Guatemala City to explore business opportunities.

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

The Chamber of Commerce of Guatemala and the Agency for Promotion of Exports and Investments of El Salvador (Proesa) have organized this business fair in order to support companies in their drive for internationalization. reports that "... 19 Salvadoran companies will be taking part in the event ... they will be offering food products such as. Sausage, shrimp, chilli pepper, desserts, seeds, ice cream popsicles, sauces and antipasti. In the category of manufactured goods; baby outfits, spare parts for vehicles, medical apparel and vitamins for cattle "

"... In the services sector: hospital software, mobile applications, virtual reality products, sales outsourcing, e-marketing, and consulting services such as: Analysis of foods and wastewater, quality management systems, advice and consultancy in construction, among other. "

"... Those interested in attending the business conference with Salvadoran entrepreneurs should contact the Chamber of Commerce of Guatemala."

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Trade Between El Salvador and Honduras

October 2015

From October 12th to 16th a group of Salvadoran companies will be visiting Honduras to explore business opportunities in the sectors of food and beverages, manufacturing and services.

The visit is being organized by the Trade Promotion and Investment Agency of El Salvador. Salvadoran companies will promote products such as liquor, baked goods, natural juices, orgeat, barley, leather footwear and clothing.

Costa Rica Trade Mission to El Salvador

July 2015

On August 17th and 18th seven food exporting companies will be showcasing in El Salvador products such as tea, juices, sauces, chocolates, coffee, spices and nutritional supplements.

The Foreign Trade Promotion Office of Costa Rica is organizing the activity, which is aimed at importers, distributors and buyers of Salvadoran food.

El Salvador: Business Roundtable

May 2014

International buyers of food products, manufacturing and many other services will meet with Salvadoran businesses on May 13th.

This event, attended by 37 importers from 12 countries including Peru, Mexico and the United States and more than 100 Salvadoran exporters, is being run by the Investment and Export Promotion Agency of El Salvador (PROESA) with the aim of connecting local businesses with new customers on an international scale.

Third Chinese Exhibition in Guatemala

September 2011

At the exhibition of Chinese products, sponsored by the Ministry of Economy and local business chambers, 50 commercial firms will be involved, promoting industry and services in China.

The Third Exhibition of the Republic of China, will take place in Guatemala City from 22 to 25 September.