Business Opportunities in Tocumen Aerópolis

The administrator of the Panamanian International Airport has 300 hectares available to grant in 20-year concessions to logistics companies, hotels, hospitals, and for use as offices.

Friday, March 7, 2014

Tocumen SA is currently considering three concession models for managing the air cargo in 2013, which totaled 110 thousand tons. The restructuring of the business includes the development of facilities for light manufacturing plants.

At the moment the details are being completed on the 'Airport City' project which has already purchased 300 acres from the University of Panama for $110 million, to be used for development. An article in reports that the plan includes installation of "basic services (access, power, water, telecommunication) so that private companies can develop the area over a 20-year period," setting up "... hotels, offices and hospitals, among other types of business."

"... Tocumen will invest some 400 million dollars in this project, and among the chains that have shown interest in the area are Decameron, Hilton, Sheraton and Marriott. The airport city will be connected with the South corridor through the new access road being built from the highway to the south terminal. "

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Environmental Permit for Multi Million Dollar Project

January 2016

Plans are underway to build in Panama City a mini city estimated at $4.1 billion, which will include areas for logistics, commerce, residential development and city utilities.

The Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) submitted to the Ministry of Environment in October 2015 by PGC Developers, SA, indicates that the development called "Panama Global City" (PGC), and will be located in the districts of Tocumen, 24 de Diciembre and Pacora, in the district of Panama, Panama Province.

The Rise of the Aerotropolis

April 2013

Major airports are not only business magnets, but also regional economic accelerators, which act as catalysts and promoters, for miles around, of urban development and business.

While in the rest of the world the development of the city-airports, or aerotropolii, has been remarkable , in Latin America there are only two places that qualify to be called as such: Belo Horizonte International in Brazil, and Tocumen International airport in Panama.

Tocumen Project Attracts 11 Companies

January 2012

The complex will be developed in a 300 hectare area, which was purchased by Tocumen SA for $109 million.

A press release from the Tourism Authority of Panama reads:

After completion of the North Terminal, the next projects planned by Tocumen are the airport city "Aeropolis" and the Dock and South Terminal, valued at approximately $750 million.

$400 Million Airport-City in Panama

August 2010

The project includes the construction of a hotel, conference center and a hospital in the region of the capital's international airport, Tocumen.

The 300 hectare construction site was purchased by the Tocumen Airport Administration from the University of Panama for $109 million.