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The failure of polls on the presidential election in the US shows that in order to get the right information, data must be collected and analyzed with scientific rigor, free from any bias caused by the personal interest of pollsters and analysts.

Friday, November 11, 2016


Only 1 out of the 20 main pollsters, newspapers and television stations in the United States who possessed all the tools needed to properly manage the demographic data and surveys, was right in indicating who the next president would be.

Why was there such a tremendous failure? The only explanation is that the quality of data collection and data management was severely affected by the agenda of each of these predictors, explained in a few cases by their political and philosophical basis, and others by the need to be politically correct.

Entrepreneurs today have more opportunities than ever to meet their information needs.  The technological revolution has given birth to fantastic ways to use the vast amount of data available to refine management, both internally and externally.  This is the concept of Big Data, that must be embraced and implemented, if you want to remain competitive.

What entrepreneurs can learn from what happened in the US elections is that the information used to make decisions, must come from sources that are not only highly specialized in Big Data, but also absolutely detached from any interest in that information.  And within companies, only the owner is the person who is that condition.

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