Business Council of Latin America in Honduras

On March 20th-21st businessmen and representatives of the governments of the region will meet in Tela, Honduras.

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Entrepreneurs and representatives of governments in the region will attend a meeting of the International-Latin American Business Council (CEAL) to be held in Honduras on 20 and 21 March.

"The will be exhibitors including the former President of Spain, José María Aznar, who will talk about the pursuit of equitable development in government-business relations."

"Also, there will be a panel made up of the presidents of Honduras, El Salvador, Nicaragua, Panama and Guatemala to discuss the issue of special development zones in the Gulf of Fonseca."

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Protests and Vandalism in Honduras

June 2019

The business sector is concerned about the way in which the demonstrations have developed in recent days, generating "an unsustainable cost to the Honduran economy.”

After the Honduran government approved decrees PCM-026-2018 and PCM-027-2019, the country's doctors and teachers began demonstrations with the aim of repealing them, because they argue that they will be able to fire government employees and privatize public services.

Never-ending Struggle for Minimum Wage

January 2019

The determination of how much and how the minimum wage should be regulated, something that occasionally seems to be done in an arbitrary manner and for political purposes, continues to be one of the factors that most confront Central American businessmen and governments.

In Costa Rica, a 3% increase in the minimum wage was approved for 2019; in El Salvador, an increase is expected to be discussed, and in Guatemala, the commission in charge of the issue reported that no increases will be made this year.

Summit of Central American Business and Political Leaders

June 2014

On June 27, business leaders from the region will present their proposals to the presidents for improving and eliminating barriers to intraregional trade.

In the meeting with the presidents from the region scheduled for June 27 in the Dominican Republic, guilds that make up the Federation of Private Entities of Central America, Panama and the Dominican Republic (FEDEPRICAP), will describe once again the obstacles that currently limit the competitiveness of Central American companies.

Korea to Assist Central America in Security Matters

June 2010

A meeting between the Central America Integration Secretary (SICA) and the Republic of Korea concluded with important agreements in regional cooperation, economy and security.

The Central American nations expressed their concern for the serious crime situation experienced in the region, and invited Korea to support the International Conference for Central America’s Security Strategy, planned for next year.