Bureaucracy Limits Competitiveness in Costa Rica

In the second forum on competitiveness organized by AmCham and Deloitte, the incidence of bureaucratic obstacles to the development of priority projects for the country was highlighted.

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

The main theme of the meeting was a discussion on "how to make the necessary changes to define priorities for the execution of public works projects that improve the country’s competitiveness with regards to the rest of the world ... [establishing as a priority] improving the involvement of the state and private industry using transparent concession allocation mechanisms. "

An article in Prensalibre.cr points out treview that bureaucracy "as one of the major sins present in Costa Rica, in respect to the ability to improving infrastructure, so the speakers agreed that it constitutes a barrier to the development of priority projects for the country. "

"We are losing competitiveness due to the state's inability to give a quick response. We have given the bodies in control a lot of power which is now being abused, and there arises distrust. This has nothing to do with technical problems but the state's ability to solve problems", said Jose Sanchez Vice President of Meco Construction .

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August 2010

Since 1994, successive Costa Rican governments have said they will try to reduce bureaucracy but to date excess red tape remains a problem.

Laura Chinchila's new administration has also included bureaucracy among its list of priorities.

As an example, the current government gathered leaders from the Ministries for Trade (Comex), Health and Farming to discuss the optimization of trade agreements, which the La Prensa Libre editorial deems a good start. The paper says that the next step is to define specific actions to make procedural simplification a reality.