Blockades Continue on Costa Rica - Panama Border

The union has exhausted dialogue with the regional government of Chiriqui and is a blockading the border preventing the movement of freight carriers in Central America.

Tuesday, February 16, 2016

The provincial government in Chiriqui has failed to prevent Panamanian carriers, organized by the National Chamber of Cargo Transportation in Panama, (Canatraca) from indefinitely blocking the passage of trucks across the border in Paso Canoas (information at time of going to press at 3:30 p.m).

"... We are here blocking the entry and exit of cargo in order to put pressure on the government. We will not let any cargo go through; (transportors with) passengers and tourism, yes, " said President of the Union of Truckers in Chiriqui, Fernando Rios to while in Paso Canoas.

"... Carriers are complaining that their Central American colleagues receive preferential treatment from Panamanian authorities, and that they are even pay kickbacks (bribes) to move their goods quickly across the region. According to Conatraca, the union has lost about $87 million in the last seven years because of the lack of customs controls."

Meanwhile, in a statement, the National Customs Authority of Panama called for "... implementation of a procedure, along with freight carriers to control triangulation affecting the Panamanian industry and benefiting its Central American counterpart."

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February 2016

The Government and the union agreed to meet in the coming days to resolve complaints made by the industry, which resulted in two days of strikes and business losses of at least $10 million.

The blockade by truckers on the border between Costa Rica and Panama, organized by the National Chamber of Cargo Transportation (Canacarga) and the Truckers Union of Chiriqui (Sicachi), was suspended on the night of February 16, after a party from the Government of Panama went from the capital to the province of Chiriqui.

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Domestic carriers have reaffirmed their intention to strike on Monday, February 15, in protest against the outsourcing of cargo from the ZLC to international companies.

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Chancellors Agreement Does Not Lift Blockade in Paso Canoas

August 2013

An agreement signed between the foreign ministries of Costa Rica and Panama was not enough for the Costa Rican truckers to lift the blockade in Paso Canoas, which has gone on for five days.

Juan Carlos Segura, a spokesman for the carriers, said that the 300 trucks at the border will remain in place because the compromise agreed by the ministers is a joke and does not address the abuses of the State Border Service of Panama (SENAFRONT).

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June 2010

Carriers have been on strike for five days now at the Paso Canoas border between Costa Rica and Panama; they reject an increase in fumigation fees.

On June 15, the Panamanian delegation of the OIRSA, a regional health authority, increased from $5 to $11 the fee charged to trucks when fumigating cargo trucks.