Biomass to Lower Electricity Bills

In Costa Rica, companies are reporting savings on their electricity bill of up to 30% after having migrated to biomass as a fuel source, and they are demanding legislation that favors its use.

Friday, February 26, 2016

The orange juice producer Del Oro in Costa Rica, achieved savings of up to 28% through the use of a biomass boiler that was installed in 2010, compared to what it cost to maintain it using bunker fuel. The data was provided by Raul Jimenez, head of maintenance at the company, as reported by La Nacion during the Second National Forum on Energy from Biomass. reports that although the initial investment to move from bunker to biomass "... can be millions of dollars, it is recovered in approximately five years. El Pelon de la Bajura (owner of the Tio Pelon brand) is saving between ¢98 million to ¢127 million per month ($183,000 to $237,000) in their electricity bills. "

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"... The opportunities for growth are open, according to industrialists, but it needs the support of laws that encourage the use of biofuels for both transport and for electricity. One of these laws is currently in Congress, but the Chamber of Industry opposes several of its articles because, as one of its directors explained, it would extend Recope's monopoly on buying biodiesel ".

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Construction of Energy Plant Announced

September 2018

In Panama, Ingenio Alanje plans to invest $50 million in a sugarcane bagasse-based generation plant, with an installed capacity of 34 MW.

The sugar mill that processes 520,000 tons of cane per year is located in the village of El Tejar, district of Alanje, province of Chiriquí, and is planning to construct a biomass-based power plant, which is expected to be operational by the next harvest, in the summer of 2019.

Sugarcane Growers Want Part of Energy Revenues

August 2015

Producers of sugarcane in El Salvador have proposed amending the regulations so that they can receive part of the revenue generated by the mills from the sale of surplus energy produced.

The union of producers stated that the practice of producers receiving revenues generated by the mills from energy production using sugarcane is very common in other countries.

El Salvador: $24 million Biomass Plant

August 2014

The textile firm Hanes Brands has announced the construction of a power plant based on Kingras, capable of generating between 2.5 MW and 5.5 MW.

Representatives from Hanes Brands in El Salvador indicated that the purpose of the investment is "... to reduce energy demand and reduce costs. It has been estimated that the installed capacity will allow for a self-sufficiency energy level of 60% for making textiles. "

Guatemala: $8.9 million Investment in Coal-Based Electricity

September 2011

The Magdalena Sugar Mill will invest the money in its power plant in order to replace the current consumption of bunker fuel for coal.

The new plant will increase generation capacity to 120 megawatts. Located in La Democracia, Escuintla, it is expected to begin operations in January 2013.