Big Data to Profile Consumers

Using big data management techniques, it is possible to know, with greater precision than with traditional methods, the socio-demographic characteristics, tastes, preferences and interests of consumers living in a specific area of a city or of groups of people who visit particular stores.

Wednesday, May 19, 2021

Nowadays, with the large volumes of data that exist, it is possible to examine absolute and relative numbers of potential customers of a shopping center or business that are in any other location.

Through the use of mobility data and the application of appropriate methodologies, it is possible to know the socio-demographic characteristics of consumers who visit a certain commercial establishment, with details such as gender, age, socioeconomic level, tastes, preferences and interests, among other data.

Regarding the process of gathering information about consumers in any area anywhere in the world, John Salcedo, Development Engineer at CentralAmericaData explained that "... to collect information globally, several sources are used, some free and others paid. Systems are then developed to automate the queries, thus speeding up data collection on a larger scale."

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According to Salcedo, the information collected is very varied. For example, it is possible to know the preferences of certain demographic groups, whether by gender, age, family nuclei or family budgets, and even obtain trends on what consumers are looking for through certain key words and topics. The processing of the records depends on the amount of information, as well as the different data sources used, it is necessary to sort, clean, standardize and at the end of all these operations we obtain data that can be processed and consumed by decision makers.

Regarding the use that can be made of this information, the specialist commented that "... it can be used to make decisions regarding the area or location in which it is convenient to open a new establishment, decide whether a market strategy in a specific area is worthwhile or establish what the target public should be for a business operating in a certain tourist destination, on any street in a city or in a shopping mall."

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