Big Data and Business Growth

Having the required resources to manage the data needed to make decisions is crucial to the success of businesses in today's environment.

Thursday, April 25, 2019

Today's data savvy organizations, those with a top-down approach to decision making, do a better job of extracting value from the data, explains a Coursera publication.

The report notes that according to Andrew Ng, Stanford professor and co-founder of Coursera, using " in the right way can be the path to solving critical business problems, which is the mission of business."

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"... Every person can and must obtain the data skills necessary to prosper in the economy of artificial intelligence. These skills will become the foundation of meaningful work in the near future."

Business leaders who want to remain competitive in the new data-driven economy should ask themselves some serious questions: How prepared are we for the digital transformation on the path? Are we taking full advantage of our data? Are our people fully equipped for the information that data science can offer? These are some of the questions raised in the publication.

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One of the conclusions is that "... While many business leaders want to transform their businesses into data savvy organizations, the challenge is to get there."

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