Big Companies from El Salvador Go to U.S.

Some of the main businesses from El Salvador will be advocating for the realization of Fomilenio II and for a deepening of the Association for Growth pact signed between the two countries two years ago.

Monday, June 24, 2013

From a press release by the Presidency of El Salvador:

A delegation from the National Council for Growth will make an official visit to Washington DC from 24 to 26 June, where meetings will be held with senior government officials and the Congress of the United States, under the framework of the first 18 months of the Partnership for Growth.

This is a mission where the two sectors which make up the Council for Growth will report on progress in El Salvador in the context of the Partnership for Growth and the efforts made to attract private investment both domestically and from abroad. In addition, approaches will be made to various agencies of the U.S. government and the Millennium Challenge Corporation (MCC).

A fundamental aspect of the visit is to make representations to the Government of the United States and the MCC in order for the country to receive a second grant, a Fomilenio 2.

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Difficulties in Investing in Central America

November 2014

Employers in the region are complaining about a lack of long-term development policies, and are asking for Government transparency, effectiveness and legal certainty, so that they can continue investing in the region.

During a meeting between businessmen and government called 'Expanding opportunities: promoting the private sector and job creation', entrepreneurs from different sectors shared their concerns and views on the investment climate in the region.

FOMILENIO II For El Salvador Signed

September 2014

The United States will spend $277 million on investment in public infrastructure, with an additional contribution from the Salvadoran government of $88 million.

From a statement issued by The Millenium Challenge Corporation (MCC):

Washington, D.C.—The Millennium Challenge Corporation signed a $277 million compact with the Government of El Salvador, the second-largest investment in Central America by the U.S.

El Salvador: Agreement for Fomilenio II

September 2014

The United States Embassy in El Salvador has announced the approval of a second phase of the Millennium Challenge, through an investment of $277 million.

From a statement by the US Embassy in El Salvador:

MCC Will Sign Second Compact with El Salvador

The U.S. Embassy is pleased to announce that the Millenium Challenge Corporation (MCC) will proceed to signing a second Millennium Challenge Compact with El Salvador.

El Salvador: No News is Bad News

May 2014

The new government in El Salvador is keeping almost the same ministerial team as the Funes administration, ensuring the continued deterioration of the economy and lack of eligibility for investment.


Unfortunately "dedollarization" has been ruled out by the elected President Sanchez Ceren, which, as the next president lamented, implies that "you cant resort to a monetary policy." Our opinion is -on the contrary- that formal dollarization in force in El Salvador is a barrier to greater government fiscal outrages.