Better business climate in El Salvador

The Doing Business 2009 report from BM, reports that El Salvador is one countries that has pass the most reforms to facilitate commercial activities.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

In Doing Business 2009, El Salvador is ranked 72, an improvement of five places in comparison to the previous ranking of 77. This report is one of the reference documents for capital investment globally, and is a map of the investment conditions in the various countries.

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Doing Business in Central America: Have We Improved?

October 2019

Guatemala was the only country in the region that improved its position in the global ranking monitoring businessmen's conditions for doing business, while the others went backwards.

The World Bank released the results of the Doing Business 2020 report, which measures the regulations that favor or restrict the development of business activity in different countries.

Doing Business 2012 Confirms Latin America Lags Behind

October 2011

Latin America is barely ahead of Africa in quality standards and conditions affecting local businesses.

As a region, Central America, is located in the second half of the list entitled ‘Doing Business 2012’.

Doing Business 2012, a report by the World Bank this year added a new area of analysis, which is the ease of obtaining an electrical connection, along with the traditional items which include: ease of starting a business, management of construction permits, registering property , getting credit, protecting investors, paying taxes, cross border trade, enforcing contracts, and insolvency resolution.

Doing Business Ranking 2009

February 2009

In Centralamerica is first El Salvador globally ranked 72, followed by Panamá (82), Nicaragua (107), Guatemala (112), Costa Rica (117), Honduras (133).

Doing Business 2009 is the sixth in a series of annual reports investigating the regulations that enhance business activity and those that constrain it.

Doing business 2008: Guatemala

April 2008

This report presents the summary Doing Business indicators for Guatemala along with the comparator economies selected. The data used for this country profile come from the Doing Business database and are summarized in graphs and tables. This report allows a comparison of the economies not only with one another but also with the best practice economy for each indicator.

The best-practice economies are identified by their position in each indicator as well as their overall ranking and by their capacity to provide good examples of business regulation to other economies. These best-practice economies do not necessarily rank number 1 in the topic or indicator, but they are in the top 5.