Better Connectivity for Business with Asia

Through an online platform, Panamanian cargo agents and exporters will be able to communicate directly with their counterparts in Southeast Asian nations.

Friday, October 20, 2017

The agreement signed between the Association of Freight Agents in Panama (APAC) and representatives from HIVE, the Highly Interconnected and Vibrant e-Trade platform will connect the former with cargo agents from countries in the Association of Southeast Asia (ASEAN) and throughout Asia.

Representatives of the Panamanian guild told that "... this connectivity will improve efficiency in transactions and commercial operations in both regions."

"With the APAC's entry to HIVE, the total number of customs nodes connected by this platform worldwide will increase to 21".

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Customs: The Eternal Thorn in the Side of the Logistics Sector

May 2015

Despite innumerable meetings of leaders and officials who frequently express their willingness to act on the issue, customs transit continues to be the main factor affecting logistics costs for regional trade.

At the first congress of freight transport in El Salvador once again the problem that continues to prevent the region achieving greater commercial development, was brought to the light.

Customs Offices in El Salvador Hindering Trade

April 2015

Cargo carriers are reporting that customs formalities can take up to 27 hours, due to the constant changes of personnel and their lack of training.

On the border of La Hachadura and Amatillo there are 15 kilometer long lines of vans which are waiting make the appropriate arrangements to pass through.

Delays Continue at Customs Offices in El Salvador

May 2014

Problems persist in the process of reviewing merchandise at the border posts in Amatillo and La Hachadura causing delays to cargo trucks.

Double review processes, recurring failures with x-ray machine inspection and the absence of a contingency plan for unforeseen delays has generated delays of between 19 and 23 hours for the approval of entry and exit of goods, said the Salvadoran Association of International Freight Carriers (ASTIC).

New Customs System in Panama

May 2012

The Integrated Customs Management System will start operating from July 7, which should enable swifter transit of goods and more effective controls.

"The system abbreviated to SIGA in Spanish, will begin operations in Panama next July (7)," said Dr. Gloria Moreno de Lopez, Director General of the Customs Authority.