Battling Anti Competitive Practices

Monitoring news media is a key tool for detecting and researching practices that limit free competition.

Monday, March 29, 2010

In an article in, Ricardo Pineda details how the Competition Superintendence of El Salvador (SC) utilizes media monitoring to tackle anti competitive practices.

The SC monitors news media on a daily basis, gathering valuable information to conduct “investigations, sector studies and other activities”.

Pineda explains that such information has allowed the SC to identify and detect actions by companies and individuals which could hamper free competition. In some occasions, this information has resulted in fines and sanctions, after investigations concluded the existence of anti competitive practices.

More on this topic

Alba Petróleos Fined in El Salvador

November 2013

The company was fined $759,924 for failing to petition the Salvadorian Superintendency of Competition to approve to purchase of nine service stations.

In addition to the financial penalty, the Superintendencia de Competencia (SC) demanded that the company submit within 30 days an application to follow the procedure which should have been done in the beginning.

El Salvador: Fines for Anticompetitive Practices Confirmed

October 2013

The Salvadoran Justice system has upheld the fines imposed on electricity distributors and Digicel by the competition regulator.

"The Administrative Litigation Division of the Supreme Court of Justice (CSJ) ruled in favor of the Superintendency of Competition (SC) in two cases: one in which the existence of anticompetitive practices by electricity distributors CAESS and AES CLESA was determined, and the other at the opening of a sanction process against Digicel, for lack of cooperation ", reported

El Salvador: Alba Petróleos Investigation Starts

July 2013

The superintendency of competition has began the investigation into alleged anti-competitive practices by Alba Petroleos.

"After analyzing the formal request by the National Association of Private Enterprise (ANEP) (February 5), the Superintendence of Competition has launched an official investigation (February 13, 2013), with the intention of determining whether Alba Petroleum had or had not violated the Competition Act through merging its businesses," noted an article in

Investigation Over Possible Collusion on Interest Rates in El Salvador

June 2013

The Superintendency of Competition has started an investigation into the recent increase in lending interest rates of some Salvadoran banks.

From a press release from the Superintendencia de Competencia (SC) of El Salvador:

The Superintendency of Competition is investigating whether the recent rise in interest rates for loans from certain banks could respond to an alleged agreement between competitors to "compensate" for the elimination of charging an administration fee. The Superintendent will be requesting information from affected consumers.