Basic Grains: Local Production Vs. Imports

Although the volume of corn, beans, and rice harvested is projected to increase in El Salvador by 2020, producers' expectations are not encouraging, since prices have fallen to levels insufficient to cover costs due to the import of basic grains.

Wednesday, October 21, 2020

Forecasts by the Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock (MAG) indicate that this year the country's corn harvest will grow by 11%, beans by 30% and rice by 20%.

This increase in production will face a scenario of low prices, behavior that is induced by imports that were made because of the plan to deliver food to families affected by the pandemic that caused the outbreak of covid-19.

According to local producers, the average cost of producing a quintal of corn is about $16, but currently it can be as much as $10.

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Luis Treminio, President of the Salvadoran Chamber of Small and Medium Agricultural Producers (Campo), told that "... the problem is that prices are in the ground and remain low, in the end the producer will have a good harvest, but will be affected by prices. We will always end up badly as producers."

Treminio added that "... the sector maintains that it is not in favor of banning imports, but of regulating them so as not to flood the market and affect specific items."

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Basic Grains: Fall in 2019-2020 Harvest Expected

November 2019

In El Salvador, it is projected that in the current agricultural cycle, the corn and bean harvests will fall by 5% and 8%, respectively, compared to what was predicted at the time of planting.

The forecasts of the Chamber of Small and Medium Agricultural Producers (CAMPO) and the National Association of Rural Producers of El Salvador (ANPRES), specify that in the case of corn there are about 20,000 manzanas of crop damaged, which would imply a loss of investment of approximately $19 million.

Basic Grains: El Salvador with Lower Production

February 2019

Partly because of the reported drought between June and July 2018, the estimated production of basic grains for the 2018/2019 agricultural cycle is 19.5 million quintals, 20% less than in the previous period.

The Salvadoran Chamber of Small and Medium Agricultural Producers (Campo) estimates that for the 2018/2019 agricultural cycle corn cultivation in the country will rise 14.5 million quintals, 31% less than reported in the period 2017/2018.

Drought Continues to Cause Losses

August 2018

Because of the drought that is affecting several areas in Central America, in El Salvador, agricultural producers estimate that at least 6.3 million hundredweight of corn, valued at $39 million, have been lost.

Representatives from the Salvadoran Chamber of Small and Medium Agricultural Producers (Campo) said that due to the drought, which lasted up to 40 days in some areas of the country, they have lost more than 6 million hundredweight of corn, valued at $38.6 million.

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It has been estimated that the agricultural cycle 2017/18 will close with a production of 19 million hundredweight of maize, 2.2 million hundredweight of sorghum and 1.3 million hundredweight of beans.

The Salvadoran Chamber of Small and Medium-sized Agricultural Producers (Campo) foresees a reduction in most grains, mainly due to an expected reduction in the delivery of agricultural parcels on the part of the government to small and medium producers.