Base Rate in Costa Rica Stays at 6.70%

The Central Bank of Costa Rica reported that from 23 and until at least until May 30, the BPR will remain at 6.70%.

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

"The passive base rate (PBR) shows a trend of stability in the short term, particularly from the end of March until the 29th of May, when the most recent calculation of this indicator came into effect ...", reported

"Of the groups of entities that are taken into account in the calculation of the PBR, public commercial banks are those whose average deposit rates are lowest at 6.11%, above them are the mutuals for savings and loans with 6.32 % ".

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Costa Rica: Passive Base Rate Down to 6.55%

October 2013

From the 24th until at least 30th of October the PBR will be lowered from 6.60% to 6.55%, said the country's central bank. reports: "With this move, the rate once again reaches the percentage at which it has been constant since 12 September this year."

"For five consecutive weeks the rate remained at the same level of 6.55%, and was only interrupted last week when it recorded a rise and stood at 6.60% for a week".

Costa Rica's Base Rate Drops to 6.70%

May 2013

The Central Bank of Costa Rica reported that as of May 9 the passive base rate will be set at 6.70%, down 0.05% from the previous week.

"With this reduction, the basic passive rate (TBP) reaches its lowest level since February 2008. At the beginning of this 2013, the indicator was at 9.20%, so it has lost 2.5% in just four months. A year ago, the TBP was by 10%," noted an article in

Costa Rica's Passive Base Rate Down to 6.75%

April 2013

The PBR has been set, from now until May 1st, at 6.75%, down 0.15% from the previous week, when it stood at 6.90%.

With this new low announced by the Central Bank of Costa Rica, the passive base rate (PBR) has lost 2.75% since Dec. 20 when the current period of decline began.

Costa Rica: Basic Rate Rises to 9.25%

March 2012

The Basic Passive Rate has increased by 25 base points and stands at 9.25% as of Thursday 1st March.

This percentage of 9.25% is the highest since late last year, in 2011, when it started on its upward trend.

"The last time that the basic passive rate reached that level was in December 2009 when the rate went down after having been at values of up to 12.25%.