Bank Deposit Insurance: Progress on the Law

The Costa Rican Legislative Assembly approved in first debate the bill that creates a deposit guarantee fund and resolution mechanisms for the banking system.

Wednesday, February 5, 2020

The objectives of the deposit guarantee are to protect depositors, particularly small ones, and to strengthen financial stability in the event of a bankruptcy of an intermediary, through timely payments to insured depositors and maintaining confidence in the financial intermediation system is critical to avoid bank runs and protect financial stability, the legislative body explained.

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Anabelle Ortega, executive director of the Chamber of Banks, told that "... The chamber agrees with the creation of a deposit guarantee fund, as this mechanism responds to the country's need for a deposit insurance mechanism that will give greater confidence and security to the financial system."

For Douglas Soto, general manager of the Bank of Costa Rica, it is important "... to guarantee the deposits of small savers. In the Assembly the project is being discussed, so we hope that the commission will define what the last version will be to express ourselves'."

From the Legislative Assembly's statement:

February 3rd, 2020. The deputies approved in first instance the file N° 21.717, Law of creation of the Deposit Guarantee Fund and resolution mechanisms.

Read full statment (In Spanish).

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Reform of the Financial System

April 2019

Allowing the opening of branches of foreign banks in the country and creating a structure of consolidated supervision of the entire financial system is part of the reform proposed by the Alvarado administration in Costa Rica.

In March of this year, two bills were presented to the Legislative Assembly, one of them seeks that foreign banks can open branches in Costa Rica and the other includes several changes to the Securities Market Regulatory Law.

Dispute Over Guarantee Fund for Bank Savings

March 2012

The two business associations that claim to represent the sector in Costa Rica are at odds over the fate of the $31 million held by the savings insurance fund.

Against the backdrop of a long-standing confrontation between the Costa Rican Banking Association (ABC), established in 1983, and the Chamber of Banking and Financial Institutions (CBF), founded in 1968, over which of the two unions represent the banking sector in Costa Rica, the Bill on Savings Insurance Act is giving rise to discussions that include charges of "unfair union practices."

Bank Deposit Insurance in Costa Rica (2)

March 2012

The Chamber of Banking and Financial Institutions has suggested to Parliament members that they establish 5% a year on insurable savings and not on all savings.

A statement from the Legislative Assembly reads:

Project seeks to safeguard money belonging to small savers


Private Banking to Pay for Deposit Insurance

June 2009

Private banks in Costa Rica will start a deposit insurance fund, according to the volume of captured money.

The Central Bank of Costa Rica is developing a bill that it aims to send to the Assembly before 2010 to establish a deposit insurance fund, which will pay customers part of their deposits in case the bank goes under.