Bancolombia to Buy Banks, Brokerage Firms, Trusts

The largest financial institution in Colombia is looking in Latin America for good opportunities to acquire assets.

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Bancolombia started its regional expansion in 2007 by buying Banagrícola in El Salvador, for $900 million.

Although the president of Grupo Bancolombia, Carlos Raul Yepes, notes that "for now there aren't any businesses that are catching our eye," he did confirm that they are looking for businesses that are "good, nice and cheap."

Yepes said, "We are always looking not only at banks but also all of the entire spectrum, our universal bank, brokerage firms, and trusts" and "we hope to buy at a time when these acquisitions can be made at a good price."

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Buyers for Citi's Consumer Banking Activities

November 2014

The banks Davivienda and Grupo Aval, already present in Central America, could be in talks with Citi to acquire its consumer banking operations in the region.

The sale of assets of Citigroup in 7 countries in Latin America represents an expansion opportunity for Colombian banks.

Multibank Targets Regional Banking Market

March 2012

The Panamanian bank is continuing its expansion plans in Central and South America.

Multibank, an entity founded on Panamanian capital, intends to consolidate and expand its share of the banking sector in Colombia and Central America, where it has already acquired full control of Macrofinanciera SA (Colombia) and the incorporation of the company Multi Resuelve (Costa Rica), focused on financing the purchase of cars.

Grupo Ficohsa Enters Panama

May 2011

The Honduran banking group has opened its first regional agency in the Panamanian banking center.

Camilo Atala, Grupo Ficohsa’s chairman, said the headquarters in Panama will serve as a platform to expand into the rest of the Central American market.

An article in contains statements by the executive, "Ficohsa will operate with international license in Panama,.

Costa Rican banks plan aggressive expansion this year

June 2008

Driven by fierce competition, public and private banks are carrying out aggressive expansion plans this year.

Seven banks and the Mutual Group have announced that they will open at least 84 branch offices or agencies.
The most ambitious plans are those of the Banco de Costa Rica and Banco Popular, each of which is planning to end the year with 20 new branches.