Bancolombia Completes Purchase of Guatemalan Bank

In Guatemala, the business group of South American origin acquired 40% of the shares still owned by BAM Financial Corporation, and consolidated 100% of the assets of the Agromercantil Holding Group.

Tuesday, March 3, 2020

Directors of Bancolombia reported that the company will begin the process of authorizations to regulatory bodies and that in the coming days will provide details on the price of shares, according to the contractual rules between the parties who closed the negotiation.

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Regarding the purchase of the total shares, a spokesperson for Institutional Communication of Bancolombia, explained to that "... This option allows Grupo Bancolombia to consolidate a 100% participation of the shares of Grupo Agromercantil Holding (GAH), owner of the financial conglomerate Agromercantil de Guatemala, integrated by Banco Agromercantil de Guatemala (BAM), among others."

The spokesman from Medellín answered the questions, adding that "... this progress and our participation in Guatemala will allow us -Bancolombia- to reinforce the path we started in 2013 and which has led us to boost our capacity to generate businesses that bring prosperity to different corners of the country."

According to the institution's internal figures, BAM managed to increase its loan portfolio by 8%, three points above the average, and in total it has 640,000 clients.

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Although Grupo Aval S.A. de Colombia owns both financial entities, the conglomerate has decided that the two banks will compete separately in the Panamanian market.

Early last month it was reported that Grupo Aval de Colombia S.A., owner of BAC Credomatic, signed an agreement to acquire Multibank Financial Group of Panama, and according to the business group, the transaction process is expected to be completed in the second quarter of 2020.

Guatemala: Banking Panorama - July 2016

July 2016

Fitch Ratings notes that the Guatemalan banking system reports one of the lowest rates of delinquency in the region.

From the report 'Panorama of Guatemalan Banks' by Fitch Ratings:

Local Majority Banking System: The largest banks (70% of loans in the system) belong to local shareholders. At the same time, foreign-owned banks increased their share after Bancolombia acquired the controlling stake in Banco Agromercantil de Guatemala, S.A. (BAM).

Grupo Bancolombia is Majority Stakeholder in Grupo Agromercantil

January 2016

With the purchase of another 20% stake, Bancolombia Group now holds 60% of the shares of the Group Agromercantil de Guatemala.

Two years after the acquisition of a 40% stake of Argomercantil Holding Group, Grupo Bancolombia has decided to consolidate its presence in the country by acquiring a further 20%. The Colombian company said the acquisition is part of a consolidation strategy in Guatemala and Central America.

Bancolombia Buys 40% of a Guatemalan bank

December 2012

Grupo Bancolombia has agreed to acquire 40% of the ordinary shares of Grupo Financiero Agromercantil, with the possibility of acquiring a controlling interest in the medium term.

A statement of Grupo Bancolombia reads:

Grupo Bancolombia acquires 40% of Grupo Financiero Agromercantil of Guatemala – BAM - and strengthens its presence in Central America.