Azteca pushes into Guatemala

TV Azteca, Mexico's second-largest broadcaster, has acquired 70% of Guatemala's Latitud TV, owner of Guatemala City's channels 31 and 35 in a bid to expand its brand internationally.

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Despite the Central American country's relatively small and impoverished population, its broadcast television advertising market is valued at over US$100m per annum. Latitud offers strong access to this market through ownership and operation of channels 31 and 35.

Under the deal, TVAzteca will take over programming on those channels, which are also available throughout Guatemala on cable, and sell their advertising.

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Shell Costa Rica Negotiates with Panamanian Group

November 2010

Shell Oil is negotiating with Petróleos Delta the sale of all its assets and operations in Costa Rica.

The company confirmed the news to inquiries made by La Nacion of Costa Rica.

"The transaction is part of Shell's global strategy to concentrate its business in supply, distribution, marketing and sales in a smaller number of markets, globally."

Guatemala's Power Grid Now Connected to Mexico

October 2009

The $55-million, 103-kilometer electric interconnection project was inaugurated by the presidents of both countries.

At first, the service will have capacity for 200 MW, helping Guatemala satisfy its growing internal demand.

"According to Calderón, this project is the first step towards electric interconnection in all of Meso-America, spanning from Mexico to Panama, as laid out in Puebla-Panama Plan", reports

Guatemalan exporters look to Mexico

October 2008

29 Guatemalan businesses started negotiations in 2009 to sell their products in Mexico

This is being done withing the framework of the "Mexican Access Table" a program by the Guatemalan Exporter Association (Agexport), with the objective of opening the markets to Guatemalan companies.

Guatemala: Campero signs alliance agreement with Spanish firm

May 2008

The Spanish multi-national Eat Out and Pollo Campero signed an agreement on April 29 to form an alliance to expand the operations of both companies in Central America and Spain.

The companies created a new corporation, whose name was not revealed, in which Eat Out is the majority shareholder. Eat Out belongs to Grupo Agrolimen and Pollo Campero is part of the Guatemalan multi-national Multi Inversiones.