Avocados: Mexico and Costa Rica will Litigate in WTO

The irreconcilable positions of both countries over phytosanitary measures for the Mexican product form the backdrop to a possible arbitration panel with the world trade body.

Monday, March 7, 2016

Since Costa Rica stopped issuing permits for the entry of Hass avocados from Mexico, for phytosanitary protectionism reasons, (the country argues they are protecting themselves from the disease known as sunspot), neither country has managed to convince the other through technical and political methods to reopen the market.

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Now the dispute will be taken up by an arbitration panel at the World Trade Organization (WTO), confirmed the Mexican Secretary of Agriculture José Calzada. Official statements published by Nacion.com reported that "... we are in the right, because our producers do things carefully, with a great selection of products and they are always leaving consumers satisfied almost everywhere in the world. "

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The Costa Rican Minister of Agriculture and Livestock, Luis Felipe Arauz, meanwhile, maintained his position and told Nacion.com that "... we believe that the step we are taking is well justified technically and scientifically." The Minister of Foreign Trade, Alexander Mora acknowledged that they have already estimated the cost of the process at about $600,000 and that the ministry does not have the resources to fund the defense, therefore President Luis Guillermo Solis has been asked for each entity involved to finance the costs, reported La Nacion.

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