Avianca Restructuring its Operation in Costa Rica

The airline reported that it will reduce its payroll in the country, as part of the process of organizational restructuring and routes that began this year.

Wednesday, April 3, 2019

Without specifying the number of employees who will be laid off, Avianca reported that it plans to restructure its operations in the country. This announcement comes in the context of the recent cancellation of routes that the airline operated from other countries in the region.

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The airline explained to that "... This process will result in an adjustment of the structure of different areas to be consistent with the company's efficiencies and will be given in absolute respect of Costa Rican labor standards."

The article adds that "... Part of the reorganization is to sell areas that are not estimated as part of the heart or central in the business and that implies the transaction of National Air Services (Sansa), of local flights in Costa Rica, as well as La Costeña, of local flights in Nicaragua, for the Central American case."

At the end of March, Avianca reported in a press release that it cancelled flight routes from Guatemala to the United States and Tegucigalpa, and from the capital of El Salvador to destinations in North and South America.

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