Authorized Economic Operator

The function of the AEO is to contribute to the implementation of safety guidelines of the World Customs Organization in order to have a secure supply chain.

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

From Wikipedia:

"The AEO certificate, issued by customs authorities in the EU and many other countries using the same or a similar name, is a trusted certificate which Customs offices give to traders who meet certain requirements which demonstrate to the customs offices their reliability regarding customs processes, solvency and safety. It is granted to operators involved in the chain of international trade, whether natural or legal persons, provided that the professional activity of these operators is subject to customs regulations, such as importers, exporters, manufacturers, representatives at customs offices, bearers, carriers , terminal operators, shippers etc.
Due to the status of trust granted by an AEO certificate, certified companies receive many benefits, both tangible, such as fewer customs controls, priority control, site selection control, notices of control, lower customs declarations data etc. etc.., as well as intangible benefits such as improvements in their organization, better corporate image, predictability and traceability of their international trade operations, security, time savings etc. " reports that "the AEO concept has been promoted in Panama, as part of the XVI Regional Conference Director Generals of Customs Offices in the Americas and the Caribbean, held in Panama on January April 5. "

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Customs: Authorized Economic Operator System in Panama

May 2016

Companies that are certified as AEOs are able to reduce paperwork and are given priority at customs offices.

Like Costa Rica and Guatemala, Panama is now using the AEO program. Companies interested in obtaining certification should contact the National Customs Authority.

AEO in Guatemala

January 2015

Companies which are certified as Authorized Economic Operators will be able to reduce paperwork times and have priority at customs.

In order to access this certification interested companies must be up to date with tax and customs payments, tax requirements, and review legal and administrative processes, industrial safety and human resources.

Customs: Authorized Economic Operator Nicaragua

October 2014

An announcement has been made that the program which certifies businesses and streamlines customs procedures could be implemented in 2015.

AEO certification, which is not mandatory, which helps exporters and importers carry out processes for their products at customs posts, and is an initiative promoted by the World Customs Organization.

Customs: Authorized Economic Operator in El Salvador

October 2014

An announcement has been made of the launch of a pilot scheme for certifying companies as AEO in order to expedite processes at customs offices.

From a statement issued by the Ministry of Finance of El Salvador:

The Ministry of Finance through the Directorate General of Customs, has presented the progress made in AEO in El Salvador, which incorporates best practices customs offices from around the world.