2013 Honduras' Fiscal Deficit is 6% of GDP

The government has confirmed the figure, arguing that the increase is due to the economic slowdown and non-adoption of the law on tax exemptions.

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

"We are reviewing the figures. I would have liked it to be 4.5 which is established in the budget, but we have already said that the causes are that the tax revenues which were planned are not going to be able to be executed given that they were not approved in the law on tax exemptions," said Deputy Finance Minister Carlos Borjas.

Added to this is the non-approval of the Mining Act and the slowdown of the Honduran economy. Borjas argues that the deficit could reach $980 million.

In turn, Raf Flores, deputy coordinator of the Social Forum on External Debt of Honduras (Fosdeh) estimated that the fiscal deficit of the country could reach 8% of GDP, meaning that the difference between income and public spending could amount to $1,519 million.

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Costa Rica: Public Finances Deteriorate Further

August 2018

The high level of financing and the economic slowdown explain the increase in the fiscal deficit of the central government, which at the end of July reached 3.3% of GDP, the highest in the last six years.

The decrease in tax revenues, due to a slowdown in economic activity, added to the high level of government debt, explained the strong rebound in the fiscal deficit in the first half of the year. Of the total deficit, about two thirds correspond to interest. 

Costa Rica: Tax Exemptions Revised

February 2015

As part of a plan to reduce the fiscal deficit, the Finance Ministry is preparing a bill which aims to amend the existing tax exemptions scheme.

This project also seeks to create penalties for 1,259 misuse of tax breaks reported by the Technical Services Department up until 2014. It is anticipated that the initiative will be submitted to the Legislature in no more than two weeks.

Projected Fiscal Deficit of 6% in Honduras

June 2013

Projections by the Ministry of Finance show that the future Honduran government could be left with an imbalance between expenditures and revenues of more than $1.2 billion .

Latribuna.hn reports that "... authorities from the ministry of Finance reported that in the current economic conditions, the fiscal deficit at the end of the year could exceed 6% and not 4.5%, as predicted by the Monetary Program, presented in April by the Central Bank of Honduras (BCH) ".

Costa Rica's Fiscal Deficit: Official Projection Falls Short

March 2013

Costa Rica could have a greater fiscal deficit than the 4.8% estimated by the Central Bank for this year, reaching 5.1% of GDP.

According to the Fiscal Studies Program by the School of Economics at the National University of Costa Rica, this projection was based on total tax revenues increasing by 8.7%, taking into account a lower tax income and Customs taxes (due to a fall in imports) and also an increase in total expenditure of 11.5%.