Another Attempt to Build a Metro

In Guatemala, it is proposed to develop an underground metro that would connect in its initial phase the municipality of Mixco with Zone 15 of the capital and would require a $700 million investment.

Friday, November 9, 2018

The new project proposed is in addition to the several proposals and attempts that have been made to implement a mass transportation system in the metropolitan area of Guatemala, which resolves at once the serious problem of road congestion affecting the capital. Thus, in addition to the Metro Riel project and the urban cable cars between Mixco, Villa Nueva and the capital, a new initiative has now been added to build an underground train.

The project presented by the promoter group Metro Subterraneo de Guatemala, consists of the construction of an underground train line for passenger transport, which would have a route of 12.5 kilometers between the colony La Florida on the San Juan road in the municipality of Mixco and Vista Hermosa, in zone 15 of Guatemala City.

According to the representatives of the promoter group, the preliminary study was carried out over two years and it is estimated that the implementation of the metro would cost $700 million (Q5,400 million). The transport system would have a capacity to transport 450,000 passengers daily and the minimum fare would be $0.52 (Q4) per person.

Regarding the project's feasibility, experts believe that legal certainty will be a challenge. However, the engineer and spokesman for Metro Subterraneo de Guatemala, Francisco Cirici, said to that "... This project is self-sustainable and can be driven by private initiative because there is interest from businessmen in investing. In addition, there are tunnels that have been built."

The article details that ".... As for the possibility of promoting a metro in Guatemala, the Guatemalan Underground Metro movement considers that it can be built without state intervention and can become self-financing."

Before the project can progress, a public tender is needed to grant a concession to a company for the use of the subsoil.

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Guatemala Government Purchase 10262253:

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