Analysis of Possible Expansion of Panama - Dominican FTA

The aims would be to increase the list of imports and exports to 200 products, in order to boost trade between the two countries.

Friday, June 7, 2013

This was announced by Panama's ambassador in the Dominican Republic, Alberto Castillero, who added that the Dominican Government has a special interest in strengthening bilateral trade agreements with the increase in the list of products in order to increase the export of agricultural and livestock products from that country.

"The official was optimistic about the results of the round of negotiations established between the Caribbean country in Central America, saying that there are good intentions to achieve commercial dynamism", reported

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Trade Between Panama and Taiwan

October 2013

Trade between the two nations since the enactment of NAFTA in 2003 has continued to increase, leaving as yet untapped opportunities.

Of the total exports registered by Taiwan, $222 million goes to Panama which re-exports 350 items marketed by the Asian nation.

That country has three international ports and about $301 billion in exports.

Panama Triples Exports to Taiwan Through TLC

June 2013

When the Free Trade Agreement was signed in 2003 sales to the Asian island by Panama totaled $11.7 million, whereas in 2010 they reached $44.8 million. reports that "the Council for the Development of Trade with Taiwan (TAITRA) states that Panama is one of the countries which has received the most benefit out of those which have free trade agreement (FTA) with them".

Extension of FTA Between Panama and Dominican Republic

May 2013

The modifications to the original trade agreement will boost by up to $40 million growth in exports from the Dominican Republic to Panama.

According to the Executive Secretary of the National Trade Negotiations Committee (CNNC), Luis Omar Fernandez this will allow the Dominican Republic, to increase by 60% its exports in the next few years, by an amount estimated at $40 million, as in 2012 they reached an estimated value of $25 million, with the most important products being steel and iron, plastics, pharmaceuticals, coffee and other industrial goods and foodstuffs.

Panama Increases Trade With Chile

October 2011

The free trade agreement signed in 2008 explains much of the business improvement with the southern country.

The amount of trade in 2010 between Panama and Chile reached $58 million, boosted since the FTA came into force.

Currently, Chile is ranked number 19 on the list of 85 countries who import Panaman products, 18 positions higher than number 37 which it held in 2008.