An Investment Fund for Small Investors

Aldesa introduced an investment fund made up of $100 shares to finance the Ad Astra Rocket Company, which is developing a plasma engine for space travel.

Thursday, January 26, 2012

A press release by Aldesa states that the fund, entitled “the Aurora Fund”, will be administered by INS SAFI investment and will invest in shares of the Ad AstraRocket Company, which was founded and chaired by astronaut Franklin Chang Diaz.

The statement goes on to say that “This fund, pioneer in the Costa Rican stock market, will invest up to 40% of its portfolio in shares in the Ad Astra Rocket company, and the minimum investment amount is ¢50,000. ($100) Additionally, the fund will invest a portion of its portfolio in Costa Rican government securities, with the aim of achieving an appropriate balance on the part of the portfolio that invests in shares of the company.”

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Panamanians Set Up Fund Management Company in Costa Rica

August 2016

Grupo Prival has received authorization to operate an investment fund management company in the local market.

The Superintendency of Securities has authorized Grupo Prival to open a fund company, and it has a term of a year in which to register at least one investment fund.

Costa Rica: Investment Funds Recover Participants

January 2014

Still far from reaching the pre-crisis level of 2004, the number of investors has increased driven by process improvements and lower minimum investment amounts.

Data from the General Superintendence of Securities (Sugeval) reveals that 2013 closed with a total of 49,945 investors, 6,124 more than last year. However, the fund market is still below the more than 67,000 investors who participated pre the 2004 crisis.

Costa Rica: More Flexibility in Management of Investment Funds

October 2013

The adjustments to the rules that will come into force will make the financial sector, which had become stagnant, more attractive.

Among the major changes is a minimum of two people making up the members of a mutual fund, rather than 50 as stated in the aforementioned regulations.

Costa Rica: 49% of Interbolsa Sold

May 2011

Four businesses have acquired part of the investment fund management company .

The sale of this subsidiary of Interbolsa is the latest in the list of changes and restructuring experienced by the Group since 2009, when it closed its money exchange office.

From that point on the company has undergone several changes, from the closure of the stock exchange office in April 2010 to the liquidation of its office in Panama, which operated under the company name IB International.