An Aeronautical Maintenance Center in Panama

HondaJet may be planning to set up an aircraft maintenance center at Panama Pacifico airport to provide maintenance services to the aircraft it sells in the region.

Tuesday, September 5, 2017

The Honda Aeronautical Maintenance Center could be built on the premises of the Panama Pacifico International Airport, and would be the only center in the region authorized to carry out inspections of HondaJet aircraft.

Hondajet Middle Americas sales manager, Guillermo Suárez, explained to reporters that "... "The company needed a central point, and Panama with its geopolitical, economic and security investment features, became the most suitable place to set up the first service center for Honda's executive aircraft. We will receive the aircraft that we sell in the region, these will be given maintenance services in a workshop in the factory." reports that "...Honda Aircraft Company named Sejiro Yazawa Iwai Aviation as a HondaJet dealer in Panama to provide sales and service. Following approvals from regulatory authorities in the country, it is expected that about 8 aircraft will be sold in the coming years."

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Air Industry Meeting in Panama

March 2018

Aero Expo Panama Pacifico will take place at Panama Pacifico Airport from March 21 to 22, 2018, and will bring together aeronautical companies from all over Latin America.

Aero Expo Panama will feature a static presentation of various executive aircraft and expert speakers on the subject who will give seminars on topics of great importance to executives in aviation companies, such as management of the costs of aircraft operations.

El Salvador´s Aeronautical Destiny

October 2015

With a school of aeronautical firefighters, a center for aircraft maintenance and better programs of aviation mechanics, the country aims to become a regional aviation cluster.

Although the promised expansion of the international airport Ronulfo Monsignor is still going at a slow pace, the area of ​​aviation training and commercial aircraft maintenance is prepared to improve its services and turn the country into a hub for the aircraft industry at the regional level. Mario Martinez, director of the Central Institute of Aeronautics Training (ICCAE), told that "... it is right time for the country to take advantage of all the elements that it can intergrate in order to be eligible to be a cluster in the coming years. 'The location we have is key. We can create a first class logistics platform. '"

Growth in Regional Aviation Market

February 2015

With the construction by Avianca of a training and aircraft maintenance center in Colombia, the potential of the aviation market in the region has been confirmed.

From a statement issued by Avianca Holdings SA

Avianca's Aeronautical Center will operate in an enclosed area at José María Córdova International Airport in Rionegro.

El Salvador Plans to have Aviation Industry

March 2009

The Investment Promotion Agency of El Salvador (PROESA) is promoting the concept for which it has already hired an expert firm in aeronautical development.

El Salvador already has a good basis for developing an aircraft industry in Aeroman, originally a TACA division that offered maintenance services to the airline's fleet and was acquired in 2006 by the Canadian company, Aveos Fleet Performance Inc.