Amnet Increases Investment in Honduras

Amnet acquired rights to broadcast two additional TV channels.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Samuel Zúñiga, executive director of Amnet Honduras, reported the company is investing approximately $800.000 a month in this project.

"This investment was presented yesterday, in a noteworthy event called 'Wake up with Amnet', in which company executives showed the new service", reported local newspaper El Heraldo.

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Spanish Cinema Channel Opens in Guatemala

June 2010

Dar TV, the first Spanish Cinema channel in Latin America, will open its administrative offices in Guatemala.

The channel will now have its administrative office in Guatemala, its technical agency in Miami and its operative center in Madrid.

Newspaper El Periódico interviewed Manuel Gómez Roman, Dar TV president: “¿How many homes could the channel reach initially? – We are committed to reaching 50 million homes or 200 million viewers”.

Competition in Cable TV

June 2009

In El Salvador, the providers of cable TV, Sky, Claro TV, and Amnet/Tigo, are waging a tough battle to obtain clients.

The weapon utilized in this war is the aggressive promotion of new services and programming packages intensely marketed via different types of media.

El Salvador: Amnet Operates Under Tigo Brand

May 2009

El Salvador is the first country in Central America where there was a complete merger.

Tigo’s parent company, Millicom International Cellular S. A., invested $14 million to expand Amnet's network in the country.

La reported statements by Ignacio Baratelli, CEO of Tigo El Salvador: "Amnet is now Tigo.

Swedish firm buys AMNET for $510 million

July 2008

The Swedish firm Millicom has purchased the telecommunications company AMNET for 510 million dollars, and will acquire its 350,000 cable clients in Honduras, Costa Rica and El Salvador.

AMNET offers services of cable television, telephone and internet as a multimedia "Triple Play" package.

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