Amchan Complains About Bureaucracy in El Salvador

The American Chamber of Commerce said U.S. companies have stalled projects because of bureaucratic problems or lack of legal certainty.

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Carmen Aida Muñoz, the executive director of the Chamber, told the press that a total of 17 companies, one of which is Walmart, are awaiting permits for various projects.

The executive added that most of these companies, who have been waiting for operation permits for almost two years, are call centers, textile producers and agricultural producers.

"Muñoz said that ‘US companies like contracts to be respected, that the permits are valid when issued and that timescales are efficient', however, these requirements are El Salvador’s main shortcomings.

The executive director of Amcham said that multinationals adhere to deadlines set out by law, but added that "the excessive re-processing that some permissions and credit checks go through is an issue that makes it expensive to do business' and obscures the local benefits: salvadoran workers and a dollarized economy.

In total the amount of stalled foreign investment is $107 million and there are thousands of employment opportunities not being generated because of these obstacles", published".

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