Alcoholic Beverages: More Competition in Costa Rica

Under the brand name of Topo Chico, Coca-Cola began to commercialize in the Costa Rican market a carbonated drink with alcohol, which belongs to the category known as "hard seltzer" or "spiked seltzer."

Monday, November 16, 2020

For now, the drink will be imported from Mexico, but Coca-Cola does not rule out producing it locally in the future.

In Costa Rica, Topo Chico Hard Seltzer will compete directly with "Adam & Eve", a product of the same category that is marketed since 2019 by Florida Ice, Farm & Co (Fifco).

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According to specialists, this category of drinks is gaining ground among consumers. Catherine Krol, analyst of Euromonitor, said to that "... the hard seltzer is an answer of the companies of soft drinks to the demands of the new generations, although its success can be limited."

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According to Juan Bernardez of White Rabbit FCB/Crea, "... the potential for growth is evident in the fact that beers are marketed mostly to men, and this leaves a latent market of women who can identify more with the image and promise of hard seltzers."

According to CentralAmericaData reports, at the beginning of the pandemic in all markets of the region, interest in alcoholic beverages decreased, but in recent months the number of Internet searches and digital interactions associated with the topic began to increase in all countries.

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July 2020

Costa Rica's Florida Ice and Farm announced that it will begin to compete in the Mexican market with the marketing of flavored alcoholic beverages of the Segram's Escapes brand in more than 6,000 sales points.

The Costa Rican company Florida Ice and Farm (FIFCO), enters with a new business model in Mexico that takes more than a year of planning and analysis, is a strategy 'light on assets' that has as its tip to develop and market in that country the brand Seagram's Escapes in the category of flavored alcoholic beverages, a product focused and customized to the consumption trends of Mexicans, said an official statement.

Bottled Water: A Promising Market

August 2019

Last year, bottled water sales in Costa Rica were estimated at $89 million and they are expected to increase up to $106 million in 2023, a behavior explained by the downward trend in the consumption of carbonated beverages.

Although companies such as Florida Ice & Farm Co (Fifco) and Coca Cola Femsa have the opportunity to grow in the Costa Rican market, they will also face competition from new entrants such as Premium Brands.

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October 2012

With an investment of $5 million in a new plant, the manufacturer and bottler of Big Cola soft drinks, plans to increase its market share.

Ajecen del Sur, founded on Peruvian capital, has managed to get its main brand Big Cola, third in the ranks of sales of soft drinks in the Costa Rican market, behind the traditional Coca-Cola and Pepsi.

Beer Market in Costa Rica

September 2009

Beer imported from the US and Germany compete with with similar prices to those of local brands.

The entrance in effect of CAFTA-RD implied a tariff reduction of 15% to 11%, for U.S. beers. This tariff will be gradually reduced to 0%, at a rate of 1% per year. Currently, most imports come from Mexico and Nicaragua.